When Do I Get a Bill? 

The provincial government sets ambulance transportation fees in Nova Scotia. Most ambulance transports in our province (approximately 90%) result in either no bill or a fee for $146.55.
 Type of Transport
Service Fee
  • Between two hospitals (inter-facility) with a valid Nova Scotia health card number or a resident of another Canadian Province or Territory*

  • From scene to hospital with a valid Nova Scotia Health Card Number*
  • From hospital to place of residence with physician approval*
  • All transports involving a hospital, for residents of approved long term care and residential care facilities
  • Any mobility-challenged patient where transport either begins or ends at their place of residence and is to or from a physician’s office, dentist’s office, physiotherapist’s facility, or respite care facility
  • From motor vehicle collision to hospital
  • Motor vehicle collision (inter-facility)
  • Work-related injury to hospital and between hospitals (employer’s commercial liability or other work-related insurance covers first transport and Workers’ Compensation Board covers second transport with valid Nova Scotia health card number)
  • All transports involving non-Nova Scotian Canadian citizens (other than inter-facility)
  • All transports not involving a hospital (i.e. nursing home to nursing home)
  •  All transports involving Non-Canadian citizens

*Other than those patients with stipulated third party coverage (i.e. motor vehicle collision [MVC], work related). Stipulated Third Party Insured Individuals is limited to persons transported as a result of an MVC; and persons who are transported as a result of work-related injury/illness where the Workers’ Compensation Board, Commercial Liability Insurer, or others as defined in the policy are responsible for payment.

The above-quoted rates are subject to change without notice.
If you have any questions about your bill, please contact our Billing Office.
*Information courtesy of the Government of Nova Scotia. For more information please visit: http://novascotia.ca/dhw/ehs/ambulance-fees.asp
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