EMC Sponsorship Guidelines
EMC has a long history of supporting our employees in their communities through sponsorships. We want to ensure that we are making a true difference and the most effective way is to ensure that our contribution is focused in key areas related to our business.

The following outlines the EMC sponsorship strategy; including objectives, focus pillars, current key partners and criteria for regions. Sponsorship can be provided in dollars and/or value in-kind (e.g. services, supplies, prize donations, etc.)
Corporate sponsorship is a donation of money and/or value in-kind toward a cause, project or event. In return, the Medavie EMS and/or EHS logo is included in promotional materials.
*Note that this document details the EMC corporate sponsorship guidelines only. It is separate from the EMC Community Development Fund that supports EMC employee fundraising.
- Focus effort on areas where EMC can make a meaningful impact and have a significant presence, province-wide, with an emphasis on partnerships that relate to our service
- Communicate EMC sponsorship guidelines and key partners to stakeholders to ensure transparency, rationale and consistency in approach
EMC Sponsorship Lead:
The EMC Corporate Communications manager oversees the sponsorship guidelines, communication and budget with the support and approval from the EMC senior leadership team.

EMC Sponsorship Criteria:
EMC sponsorship dollars and value in-kind support the following four pillars:
- Injury and trauma prevention
- Cardiac health and safety
- Future generation paramedics
- Medavie Health Foundation
EMC sponsorship as well as the EMC Community Development Program supports only charitable and non-profit organizations that are designated as registered charities by the Canada Customs & Revenue Agency. Organizations must exhibit financial stability and a history of success.
We will review the above four pillars every two years to ensure our focus continues to be relevant and meets the needs of Nova Scotians.
Regional Sponsorship Criteria:
We recognize that EMC has a role to play in supporting local communities as well. With that in mind, each regional manager has a budget allocation for local sponsorship funds and/or value in kind. Consideration will be given to the above corporate sponsorship criteria and allocation will be at the discretion of the regional manager.

When evaluating sponsorship requests, we consider the following criteria:
· Alignment with our focus on injury and trauma prevention; cardiac health and safety; future generation paramedics
· Program or event must have province-wide scope (versus one community or region) and must generate a positive, measurable impact
· Provides potential for EMC employee involvement

Primary EMC Sponsorship Partnerships:
The majority of EMC sponsorship dollars and value in-kind efforts will focus on the following partners:
- Medavie Health Foundation
- Heart and Stroke Foundation RESTART a Heart, RESTART a Life program
- Provincial Protect Your Noggin (helmets for wheeled activities)
- 1st Emergency Scouts
EMC provincial sponsorship funds do not support:
· Organizations that are not registered charities
· Political campaigns and candidates
· Religious organizations
· Individual or for-profit businesses
· Projects or programs that take place and/or benefit only communities outside Nova Scotia
· Lobbying or advocacy groups
· Private foundations or clubs
· Sports clubs or amateur/professional competitions

How to apply for an EMC sponsorship:
All donation requests must be in writing and are reviewed during the last week of every month. To be considered, requests must be received ONE MONTH prior to the event. All requests must include:
- Name, address, telephone number of the organization as well as name and title of contact person
- Background information on organization including history, purpose, who benefits, geographic area served and compelling community need it fills
- Description of program or project for which funding is requested, including a detailed budget and amount requested
- National, provincial or local affiliations
- Federal charitable registration number and registered name
- Names of other corporate donors and their levels of support
- Plan for program evaluation and measurement
Requests for sponsorship or donations can be sent to by email to info@emci.ca or by traditional mail to:
Emergency Medical Care Inc.
c/o Corporate Communications
239 Brownlow Ave, Suite 300
Dartmouth, NS B3B 2B2
Medavie Health Services Group of Companies