Roles & Responsibilities
Emergency Medical Care Inc. has many responsibilities to fulfill in order to provide the high-quality level of care that Nova Scotians deserve. We are proud to serve the people of this province, and it is a task that we take seriously.
- We manage the ground ambulance and air medical transport service delivery system according to government-defined performance requirements
- We employ the best of the best as our registered paramedics, nurses, communications officers and support staff
- We encourage lifelong learning in the workplace through the development and delivery of post-employment training for all our employees
- We develop rigorous standards for the construction and maintenance of the bases and physical infrastructure for our system
- We diligently manage the Medical Communications Centre that receives calls from the public for emergency and non-emergency health resources and dispatches ambulances
- We adhere to Regulator-established standards for the maintenance of our communications system, bases, vehicles and equipment
- We handle the purchasing of all necessary supplies and equipment for the system
- We routinely report on our performance expectations as required by the Regulator
Medavie Health Services Group of Companies